LETTER: Fiorello’s record so far is one to be proud of.

Submitted by Randall Smith, Greenwich RTC member

Michelle Abt’s letter (LETTER: Fiorello Signals the Radicalization of the Connecticut GOP March 2, 2021) attacking Kimberly Fiorello was one of the nastiest, least accurate letters to the editor I’ve ever seen in this town. Michelle Abt calls Kimberly  “rabid,” “extremist” and “reactionary” among other insults. Venom, rage and invective are apparently how we supposed to engage with each other these days.   

Kimberly’s record so far is one to be proud of. She has fought against Hartford Democrats’ attempt to eliminate local zoning, earning the endorsement of CT Realtors. She has worked to prevent even more tax increases, earning the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. And she has fought to defend our local police departments, which is why she was the first person ever endorsed by the Silver Shield Association of Greenwich and the Stamford Police Association.

Perhaps earning the support of the cops, entrepreneurs and realtors of Greenwich and Stamford make you an “extremist” in some people’s eyes.

One actual fact that Michelle Abt doesn’t mention is her own frequent donations to Democratic candidates for office from all around the country. In her letter, Ms. Abt portrays herself as a moderate seeking the truth. In fact, it is plain from the public record that Ms. Abt is a dyed-in-the-wool hyper-partisan who has made numerous political contributions to Democrats over many years and not a single one ever to a Republican. Readers would be wise to take that into account when evaluating her attack on Kimberly. Voters don’t need Democrat donors masquerading as a “truth brigade” to tell us what Kimberly Fiorello stands for.

We already know her and we love her. That’s why we vote for her.

Randall Smith, member of the Greenwich RTC