LETTER: Fiorello represents our values and priorities.

Submitted by Sage Withrow, Greenwich

With Election Day 2020 around the corner the battle for the White House has dominated our conversations. While understandable, this focus is unfortunate given that it is our local and state government that most dramatically impact our daily lives. It is these races where we can define the unique characteristics of our own communities and seek representation that most clearly aligns with our values and priorities. For that reason, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support Kimberly Fiorello to represent the citizens of Connecticut’s 149th District.

Our elected representatives are tasked with promoting and preserving a framework that protects our citizens and fosters opportunity for each of us to better our own lives. Kim understands this exceptionally well and she shares our community’s commitment to the value of hard work and doing right by others.  I could not be more confident that she will be our tireless advocate in Hartford, working to ensure that our ability to raise our families and support our community is met with a state government that recognizes its duty to facilitate that ability rather than dictate how it is done.

As I have gotten to know Kim, I am consistently impressed with how she lives her values. Whether through her commitment to her family, her engagement with the community or her desire to serve a cause bigger than herself, she does not seek to tell others what to believe or how to conduct themselves, rather she sets an example by which to live.

Despite all of the tragedy and hardship that many in our community have experienced over the past several months, the medium and long term changes that the pandemic has ushered in present us with an opportunity to re-establish Connecticut as a premier place to prosper and raise our families.

It is undoubtedly the case that the post pandemic world will be one marked by competition among the states as more and more people take advantage of making their residence a choice of personal preference rather than one driven by professional requirement.

This is why it is essential that we send Kim to Hartford. She will expound upon our community’s many strengths and ensure our fiscal sustainability—key steps in Connecticut’s ability to win.