LETTER: Fiorello is Right that the House Focuses Too Often on Race

Submitted by Deneen Borelli, Greenwich

I am grateful to know that I have a state representative in Kimberly Fiorello who supported the Juneteenth bill and voted in favor of making it a state holiday.  

Kimberly’s floor comments to highlight that too often we find ourselves focusing on race in all of our discussions are also appreciated.

In many ways, I feel the progress Americans have made to respect and appreciate one another as unique individual persons have been derailed in recent years. We are going backwards in seeing race first again and dividing ourselves into groups.   

I see a consistency in Kimberly’s floor comments and votes of her being thoughtful and deliberate.  

Again, I thank Kimberly for taking a step forward in our society today to have needed discussions on strained and complicated topics. We need more dialogue, not less. I am grateful she voted in favor of Juneteenth.