LETTER: Fazio has sound suggestions for good government

Letter to the editor from Nancy Burke

Ryan Fazio is running for State Senate in Connecticut’s District 36, which
includes Greenwich, part of Stamford, and part of New Canaan, and is ahead of the curve in offering sound suggestions for good government in the State.

In brief, his primary goals are:

“1) mitigating losses incurred during the pandemic – targeting aid to those in greatest need,

2) creating jobs, jobs, and more jobs,

3) and adding no new taxes.”

Ryan is a fiscally conservative Republican – outstandingly bright, energetic, and kind. He would definitely provide leadership during the State’s economic recovery if elected this fall on November 3, 2020.

Nancy B. Burke

Editor’s note: Letters to the Editor in support of local candidates in the Nov 3, 2020 election may be submitted for consideration beginning July 15 and with a hard deadline of Oct 26, 2020 at noon.