LETTER: Elect Ryan Fazio And Bring Balance Back To Hartford.

Submitted by Ramya Hopley, Greenwich

On August 17, a Special Election will decide who will represent the 36th State Senate District in Hartford. Unless you support higher taxes, centralized government control of local zoning, policies that lead to rising crime rates and want to guarantee a legislative supermajority for State Democrats, I recommend that you cast your vote for Republican Ryan Fazio.

Our state has been run continuously by Democrats for twelve years. They have a stranglehold on power in CT, and a victory by Ryan Fazio in this special election will end the Democrats’ supermajority in the State Senate. What does a supermajority allow Democrats to do? It allows them to pass whatever they want without the need for any compromise. Is that good for CT? No, it is not.

According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics June employment data, CT ranks 50th (that’s last) in the US with a statewide unemployment rate of 7.9%. Crime rates in our cities have risen dramatically, including in Hartford, which is on pace for its third deadliest year on record. Ryan Fazio supports pro-business policies that will spur growth, and has been steadfast in his opposition to the politically charged Police Accountability Bill which removed qualified immunity for police women and men.

On the subject of growing the economy, Ryan’s main opponent has openly stated her support for the TCI tax program, and although she talks in broad strokes about “prosperity” and “growing the economy”, there is nothing to show that she means it. Ryan opposes TCI and any other tax on the middle class, and will continue to do so as your State Senator. As our state’s fiscal health has spiraled out of control, Democrats in Hartford have doubled down. Their supermajority afforded them that opportunity. By electing Ryan Fazio, the unchecked Hartford Democrats will finally be checked.

Ryan’s main Democratic opponent (he has two) has lived in Greenwich for under three years, and aside from her activities as a member of Moms Demand Action, has virtually no paper trail or any stated policy history.

Ryan is home grown, and knows the 36th district extremely well. He attended Greenwich Public Schools, played sports in our town leagues, is a member of the RTM and has volunteered countless hours as a tutor for inner city kids in Stamford and delivering meals to the elderly through Meals-On-Wheels. Ryan knows this district. His opponent does not.

This is a seminal moment in Connecticut. We are at a fork in the road. Continuing on the same path is a sub optimal choice. We need to bring more balance to Hartford, and electing Ryan Fazio is a big step toward moving the pendulum in the right direction.