LETTER: Does MAGA Mean Make America Go Away?

Submitted by Don Hermann

A question from a Cranky Old Man. I’m 88 and this question keeps me up at night.

Listening as the Republicans keep talking about a variety of issues and what they would do if they had the keys to the White House and Congress is enough to give nightmares to the calmest of us.
It’s bothersome to me. I’d love to have some clarification.

• Is it their intention to have Social Security GO AWAY?
• Please tell me if Medicare will either be reduced or GO AWAY?
• Will it mean that I won’t be able to practice my own religion? That will GO AWAY?
• Libraries are so important. We learn all sides of an issue. The information helps me make meaningful decisions. Don’t tell me that some Libraries will GO AWAY?
• Businesses will not be required to pay their fair share in taxes. Will that issue GO AWAY?
• The environment is in serious trouble. Will funding be reduced or just GO AWAY?
• Don’t tell me women will not be able to control their own bodies? Can anything be done to make that decision GO AWAY?
• Will Black Lives Matter? Or will equal rights just GO AWAY?
• Will a minority of Christian White Americans control state legislatures and Governorships to achieve their goals or just GO AWAY?
• Will Gun Laws be made more realistic or just GO AWAY?
• Will Gender and LGBTQ issues still be a dividing issue or just GO AWAY?
• Will Republicans start to put America first ahead of their party or just GO AWAY?
• Will Republicans be more honest with themselves and do less lying? Or will that problem GO AWAY?
• Will the Republicans follow their religions more for decency and integrity and condemn Trump for the person he is or ignore it and hope it will just GO AWAY?
• Will our Constitution remain or just GO AWAY?

Please. Let this Cranky Old Man get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Don Hermann