LETTER: Dept of Transportation I-95 construction project should include noise barriers

Submitted by Mark D. Fichtel, Byram

I applaud the I-95 construction project, due to start in the Fall of 2022, that will provide needed road resurfacing, bridge rehabilitation, and safety improvements from Exit 2 through Exit 6. 

However, the project does not appear to include plans for much-needed highway noise barriers to protect residents of the Byram neighborhood of Greenwich, much of which abuts the roadway. 

In addition, and even worse, construction plans are reported to include cutting trees along I-95, which will have severe incremental noise and environmental pollution consequences beyond those currently being suffered by Byram residents.

We sincerely hope CT DOT heeds the pleas of those of us who live in Byram for help to alleviate the noise pollution we suffer from I-95 and include in its plan the erection of noise barriers.  Many who make their home in Byram are lower- and middle-income hard-working families, and we also have a large Hispanic population.  If the final plan for the project does not include effective noise barriers, we will have to ask if there is some deeper reason CT DOT has not incorporated any consideration of providing equal protection to all citizens of Greenwich.

Mark D. Fichtel

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Residents have two ways to contact DOT about this project: 860-944-1111 or via email at [email protected] .