LETTER: Democrats Are Misleading Voters and Running from Their Record

Submitted by Jill Capalbo, Cos Cob

Every week, I read letters to the papers by local Democrats. They all have something in common. They are selling our voters short.

Our community is filled with high achievers, hard working parents and very sophisticated women and men. They understand the issues and they are well read. Which is why it’s so shameful that local Democrats are taking us for fools.

I received a mailer from State Senator Kasser. In it she states she has “the courage to stand up to both parties in Hartford”. But as a State Senator, she voted 96% of the time with her Democratic caucus. Apparently all of her “courage” was spent standing up to Republicans, which isn’t very courageous since Democrats have a 22-14 majority in the State Senate.

She also says she wants “Lower taxes for everyone”. I guess this doesn’t apply to the payroll tax she voted for which goes into effect on Jan 1st, or the Tolls she was the head cheerleader for. Tolls would inflict an additional tax on so many of our residents who have already been overtaxed by Democrats.

Ms Kasser also voted for the Police Accountability Bill (as did Greenwich Democrat Rep Steve Meskers). In doing so, they and the Democratic party treated every single police officer in our town and state as though they were a “bad cop”. This terrible bill has made retaining and recruiting officers much harder, and it has driven a stake through their morale.

Our GPD is not known for mistreating anyone, or for misusing force to detain criminals. They have an impeccable track record. Has Ms Kasser ever seen what some policewomen and men have to deal with when they encounter trouble? Now, our local police, have to operate as though their every move is being scrutinized.

Thanks to this bill, even in the most dangerous situations, our policewomen and men are at risk of getting sued in a civil court. When these civil cases come, who do you think will pay the  cost? That burden will fall to the rank and file officer and the taxpayer. Thanks to Kasser and Meskers, they have significantly raised the risk levels for all the brave women and men who serve and protect our communities and put themselves at risk on our behalf.

Now, let me address the lunacy that is being spread about Greenwich Republicans. In recent blast emails, a group called “Greenwich Voices For Democracy” states that Republican candidates are ready to construct nuclear power plants “in our back yard”. After I stopped laughing, I thought to myself “How dumb do they think people in this town are?” The next day, I was sent another email (both were sent to me by friends who are Democrats) about how every local Republican candidate “want’s to end a woman’s right to choose” – “embraces white supremacists and supports the notion of separating mothers from their children”!! Are these people completely nuts?! The answer apparently is yes.

Neither email specifies who, exactly “Greenwich Voices For Democracy” are, but my Democrat friends had told me it was an offshoot of the ultra liberal “Indivisible Greenwich”. After some sleuthing online, I confirmed they were right. The Chairperson is Sandy Litvak, husband of Indivisible Greenwich founder Joanna Swomley. Poor Sandy must be more bored now than he was as a Selectman. And that’s saying a lot.

I’m writing this because I am tired of being fed a bunch of garbage. I also know that the people of Greenwich pay attention to issues and that they know that Democrats have totally destroyed our state’s economy during their long reign of power. We  have felt the effect of that in Greenwich. Their record is one of failure and mismanagement on a  large scale.
The Republicans have a great, diverse group of candidates. Ryan Fazio (State Senate 36th D), Harry Arora (Incumbent State Rep 151st D), Kimberly Fiorello (State Rep 149th D) and Joe Kelly (State Rep 150th D) are all extremely well qualified. They will help right the ship in Hartford, and they will push hard to lower taxes, eliminate wasteful government spending and make Hartford work for us again. That’s what our government is supposed to do. Work for us.

Editor’s note: Letters to the Editor in support of local candidates in the Nov 3, 2020 election may be submitted to [email protected] for consideration beginning July 15 and with a hard deadline of Oct 26, 2020 at noon.