LETTER: Fazio Will Help Restore Balance in Hartford

Letter to the editor from Ed Lopez, Chickahominy

One of the results of the recent pandemic, the protests and riots that followed, and the economic challenges it has amplified, is many people have moved into Connecticut – and specifically Fairfield County.

While there has been a great deal of discussion about how this might boost our economy, the discussion seems to overlook the reasons that we faced an exodus to begin with. This population growth may be short-lived: the fiscal policies that were driving taxpayers out of Connecticut remain – and we should be concerned about how we will tackle these.

Given fluctuating rules on social distancing and other health safety measures, there has never been a bigger responsibility placed on voters to research candidates and understand what their plans for Connecticut, Fairfield County, and Greenwich are. This is a crucial time to look at our State Senate and to ponder how our voices are reflected in that chamber.

I urge voters to consider restoring balance in Hartford – and to consider Ryan Fazio’s candidacy to represent us there. It truly is time to move past the ‘rinse and repeat’ policies that have crippled Connecticut’s economy.

As we look back on the last couple of years, we must consider whether our voices and views on many issues have been represented: Greenwich voters have heard a great deal from Hartford on the many ways we should be taxed, even as our economy sinks into further disrepair. We need to send a message to Hartford – we need a senator that makes our case for fiscal restraint and economic discipline at our state Capitol.

As a voter in Greenwich my concern is to make sure Hartford hears us loud and clear. Over the last two years I have heard Hartford’s message: pay higher taxes and deal with more bureaucracy. The time to send a clear response to Hartford is now: Ryan’s experience in town government, his innovative thinking, and his vision for Greenwich and Connecticut are paramount to reaching an overdue tipping point in this state.

Ed Lopez, Chickahominy