LETTER: Commuting Will Be a Nightmare during Upcoming North Street Bridge Repairs

Submitted by Richard Schulze

While the Town’s announcement of the repair of the North Street Bridge over West Brothers Brook https://www.greenwichct.gov/2440/North-Street-Bridge-Over-West-Brothers-B, seems perfunctory, the Town is currently envisioning to make those repairs over a two-year period, with regular closings of North St. in alternate directions.

The bridge is at the south end of the hill coming down from the intersection with Parsonage Rd.

For those familiar with the commuting traffic on North St. during the week, it is already difficult to get onto North Street during those times.

Closing the road continuously for two or three minutes in alternative directions will make already difficult commuting a nightmare – and is envisioned to last about two years!

I urge residents to become aware of the problems that this will cause and appear at the hearing at Town Hall on Tues 9 April at 6:00pm.

Clearly the Town needs to take steps to mitigate the problem, e.g. completing construction in a much shorter time or rerouting commuter traffic.

Hope to see many of you there on 9 April!

Richard Schulze
Northeast Greenwich Association Board Member