LETTER: Closing Greenwich’s Parks & Beaches Was the Right Decision

Letter to the editor from Francesca Ambrosoni, Cos Cob

For some of us this might seem a little too much to close Greenwich ‘s parks and beaches. However, looking back at the dynamics of Italy’s pandemic I believe this is necessary.

In Italy the towns of Codogno and Bergamo had their first cases on February 20. The mayor of Codogno declared a lock down on Feb 22, welcomed with a mix of surprise and criticism from the rest of the country.

Police patrolled the city. No one allowed in or out, and no leaving their apartment. People died, but as of today no new cases have been reported in Codogno in the past week.

Bergamo, however, called instead for “personal responsibility” and set up recommendations only.

People tried to do their best but it’s human nature to feel invulnerable.  Bergamo is Italy’s hardest hit city and continues to have hundreds of deaths every day. The curve is not slowing down yet, and army trucks line up in front of the hospital every night to pick up caskets for crematories miles away.

It’s not only the elderly or people with pre-existing conditions. It’s healthy 40-50-60 year olds.

I believe you have all read about it and seen pictures in newspapers. For us it is very real, we have family both in Milan and Bergamo. We walked those streets and we have family fighting in the hospital.

It’s a surreal situation and I hope that knowing what we are trying to prevent makes the burden a little easier.

It’s a few months and it will pass. Lots of damage but it will pass.

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