Letter: Class of ’15 Band Parent Grateful for Music Education John Yoon Provided

Dear Editor,

Contrary to recently publicized accounts about John Yoon and the Greenwich High School Band, my child had a very different experience.

My daughter graduated in June of 2015.  Like so many high school students these days, she was heavily involved in multiple activities, sports and had a demanding course load.  During her Junior year when she was promoted to the Wind Ensemble, we quickly realized the required schedule and Regional competitions could not fit in with the rest of her schedule.  Course expectations were clearly outlined by Mr. Yoon early in the school year.

She worked this conflict out by herself with Mr. Yoon before things got out of hand.  Mr. Yoon was reasonable and he handled the situation very professionally.  As an alternative, she was reassigned to  the Symphony Band.  This way her commitments could be met without inconveniencing an entire group by her showing up late, having to leave early, etc.

She spent four years in the Band and it was one of her best high school experiences.  I’m happy to share that she’s joined a University Band where she now attends.

Our family, like so many others in Greenwich, is very grateful for the music education John Yoon has provided.  His energy, passion and guidance are gifts our community should not lose.

Dianne Cicchetti