LETTER: Christina Downey is Goal Driven and Results Oriented

Letter in support of Christina Downey for the Greenwich Board of Education from Polly Park Hyman, Riverside

Look no further than Christina Downey for the Board of Education: a vote for Christina is a vote for brighter and better schools.

Christina has lived in Greenwich for 26 years and I have known her since the day she moved in.

I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Christina on many boards and committees over the years. When Christina asks, I say, “Yes”. As a committee member she does what she says she is going to do and in a leadership role she is focused and productive.

She is smart and energetic and has a unique ability to assess a situation, process information and get results.

She is a strategic thinker, a communicator and a collaborator; it’s no surprise that she held many leadership roles in many local organizations.

Her three children all attended Riverside School, Eastern Middle School and Greenwich High School and Christina took on a number of committee and leadership roles during that time, ranging from Riverside PTA president to PTAC Board member to long-time GHS band booster president.  But she is also willing to contribute in less visible, but equally meaningful, ways like being a GHS new family tour guide and an AVID mentor.

She is grateful for the education that the Greenwich Public Schools provided her own family: her gratitude is evident in the hours she has spent volunteering in the schools. Now, in her candidacy for the Board of Education she can give back in a consequential and distinctive way.

I am confident that Christina will continue to assess needs, formulate strategy and implement policy in a determined effort to improve our schools and to give our students the education our community is capable of providing.

Let’s give her that opportunity.

Respectfully submitted,
Polly Park Hyman, Riverside