LETTER: Camillo’s Vision for Greenwich

Letter to the Editor submitted by Liz Norfleet

I’m writing this letter in wholehearted support of Fred Camillo’s candidacy for first selectman.

After reading recent articles and Letters to the Editor, it was clear to me that both candidates running for first selectman deeply care about the environment and have the
background to deal with these serious issues.

But I became more curious about the fiscal challenges the town is facing, and asked Fred to help me understand his positions on our town’s future.

I began to see his vision more clearly, as it was apparent to me that his respect for our past is combined with a vision of progress for our town.

As First Selectman, Fred will continue the focus as a fiscal conservative as he has for the past 11 years in Hartford.

Fred recognizes that Greenwich’s debt policy for the last 90 years has worked very well. He does not want our town to go down the path that our state government has. Even so, Fred understands that the town is looking at an uncertain future when it comes to future expenses and would look at every proposed project with an open mind and a requirement that every proposal be accompanied with a public private partnership option. Fred would not only make sure our facilities are ADA compliant, but also inclusive.

As a longtime resident, who has to live within my means and carefully plan for daily and yearly activities, I put my trust in Fred. Fred understands this, lives it, and has represented like this for years. He has our backs.

I am confident that Fred has a vision for our town that will bring out the best of our innovative minds, generous spirit, and collective civic pride.

On November 5th, please join me in voting for the person with the record and vision we can trust, Fred Camillo.