LETTER: Camillo is Kind and Brings People Together

Letter to the editor from Jill Capalbo, Cos Cob

I’m 3rd generation here in town. Seems there are a lot of people out there spewing hate and being hateful. They’re relentless.

When did this happen to our community? Growing up here in town everyone’s mom drove a station wagon. We all got along – Democrat/Republican and all the special interest groups. In the end it was all about community and each other. Where did this polarity come from? We Are A Community, we need to remember that and get back to it.

Fred remembers it. He’s been a part of bringing people together, for the good of all, his whole life. If you need Fred, he’s there for you. It’s the way he was raised – friendly and caring – and he’s always done his best to help.

He helped me. When my partner, at that time, and I became aware she had overstayed her visa, I went to Fred for help. He did his best and contacted people on the other side of the aisle to see what could be done. It was during the Bush administration and same sex marriage was not recognized anywhere in the USA and they were coming down hard on immigration.

In the end, it was what it was, she had to go back to England with an 8 year ban, but Fred went out of his way to help and he really tried. I appreciate that and I won’t forget what he did and that he tried. That’s what he does and who he is, always ready to help.

Fred loves this town and ALL the people in it with all his heart and he has always stepped up to help. This is not new to him.

Fred crosses the aisle, works with everyone and brings people together. You won’t find anyone who knows Fred, saying a bad thing about him. So let’s get rid of the hatefulness and polarity and get back to being a community. Like Ellen DeGeneres just stated, BE KIND. Fred is kind, he’s strong, he’s compassionate and he knows the importance of fellowship in our community.

Jill Capalbo
Cos Cob