LETTER: Camillo has participated in many areas of Greenwich Town Government

Letter to the editor from Bea Crumbine

I firmly believe that an effective First Selectman will have participated in many areas of Greenwich Town Government over a period of years. We can think of this as preparation for the complex job of running our town by having dealt with the numerous groups involved and the issues which always arise. Fred Camillo brings this preparation. His background in town includes three and a half terms on the RTM, the chairmanship of the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the chairmanship of the Republican Town Committee. He served the Town well by working on a task force regarding a cell tower, the renaming of “The Griff” Golf Course, and the establishment of our dog park.

There is also enormous benefit to the Town because of his more than five terms as a State Representative in Hartford. His understanding and assurance on a state level will continue to benefit Greenwich in the years to come. From writing and introducing the Good Samaritan Law, the Distracted Driving Law, and numerous consumer protection laws, Fred has shown his concern for the citizens of Connecticut and of Greenwich.

He brings a determination to encourage local business development and a lifetime of pride and engagement in our Town.

Fred Camillo has my vote for First Selectman. Please give him yours.