LETTER: Camillo Has An Even Temperament and An Open Mind

Letter to the editor submitted by John Franco

As a life long Greenwich resident I’m writing to support Fred Camillo for First Selectman. Fred is the right person, leading the best team to shepherd Greenwich through the next decade. The upcoming election is a referendum on how our town should navigate environmental, fiscal, and social issues. We are not conducting a referendum on the presidency. We need local leadership that has a successful track record of dealing with our town’s opportunities and challenges.

Fred is a native who understands that first and foremost we must continue to provide the highest quality education and support services to Greenwich families.

Secondly Connecticut’s financial challenges will directly impact our town. Fred’s eleven years in the legislature as well as his life long residency in Greenwich has prepared him to deliver bipartisan answers to our serious fiscal challenges. Our new selectman must be prepared for an unpredictable environment at the state level. Fred is uniquely prepared to anticipate and address the impact of the state’s problems on our future.

Thirdly we need more rapid new business growth in our town. His experience in raising capital to promote business growth for young entrepreneurs along with his belief in public/private partnerships are characteristics unique to Fred’s candidacy.

Lastly and most importantly we need leaders who consciously build a culture and value system based on teamwork and transparency. We need leaders with compassion and perseverance. His initiatives to help veterans re-enter the workforce and his advocacy for anti domestic abuse programs are evidence of a leader that takes action.

On a personal level I found that Fred’s even temperament and open mind would assist him in getting the unvarnished facts. His political and business experience have helped him forge long lasting alliances. All are vital assets for a selectman.

Fred and the entire Republican team understand that this election is about Greenwich’s future.

After 54 years as a registered Democrat in May of 2019 I registered as an Independent.