LETTER: Camillo Does Not Have the Temperament to Govern Greenwich

Letter to the editor from Dan Edelstein, Old Greenwich submitted Oct 28, 2019

The only thing that’s clear about the mysterious appearance of the Trump/Camillo signs is that Fred Camillo has demonstrated that he doesn’t have the temperament to govern Greenwich.

The Greenwich Free Press and other media outlets spent days, unsuccessfully to this point, trying to figure out who planted the signs, but within two hours of their discovery and despite having no evidence to support his claims, Fred was willing to accuse the DTC and/or Indivisible of bringing “a new low to Greenwich,” by their “fraudulent tactic” which “is exactly why our opponents do not belong anywhere near the public trust that they continue to violate.”

The only “new low” on display here is Camillo’s willingness to embrace the scummy tactics of Trump, using unfounded, baseless charges to smear his political opponents.  And speaking of Trump, whose every action seeks to divide our country, this would seem to be a clear indication that Camillo would employ the same governing style here in Greenwich.

Far from living up to his campaign slogan “Uniting Greenwich,” these irresponsible statements will only cause further division.

Time after time in this campaign, Fred has claimed that he doesn’t want to be linked to Trump; with this reckless behavior, the comparison is unavoidable.

Dan Edelstein, Old Greenwich