Letter: Blankley’s Priority is to Build Strong Connecticut Economy

Letter to the editor submitted by Lynne Rohrer, Oct. 28, 2016

Building a strong economy in which all Connecticut residents will flourish is John Blankley’s top priority, and that is why I will be voting for him for State Senate in the 36th district on November 8.

What is often lost in state elections is that although our representatives will be voting in our best interest, they are ultimately casting votes that will affect the state as a whole. Furthermore, people often neglect the fact that if Stamford’s economy thrives, our economy will benefit tremendously.

We need to send representation to Hartford that has the experience and foresight necessary to strategically invest in our future. Blankley has been an Executive and Board Member for companies specializing in oil and gas, minerals, mining, chemical and technology.

As the CFO of BP North America he managed a budget bigger than that of Connecticut.

Blankley does not only have the right vision for our future, but the work-ethic and experience to get it done. He would great for Greenwich, and for Connecticut as a whole.

Please join me in casting your vote for John Blankley on November 8th.

NOTE: The deadline to submit letters to the editor in support of candidates in the Nov 8 election was October 28. Letters submitted in time for the deadline will be published through the week leading up to the election.