Letter: Bhargava is a strong, independent voice

To the Editor,

This year’s election has clearly demonstrated that party affiliation does not mean what it once did. In transitional period for both the Democratic and Republican Party, it is critical that we look past partisanship and vote for the individual who we believe is best suited for the job. That is why I will be voting for Dita Bhargava for State Representative in the 151st district of Greenwich.

Dita’s strong, independent voice is reflective of the unique life that she has led. Raised by a single, immigrant mother, Dita eventually graduated with a BA in Electrical Engineering before starting a twenty-year career in finance. She has also Co-Founded and served on the Board of several nonprofits in Connecticut.

When we elect Dita on November 8th, we will not be sending a Democrat to Hartford – we will electing a strong willed, independent thinker who knows what is needed to help fix our state.

Magdalena Oshana

Note: The deadline for submitting letters to the editor in support of candidates in the Nov 8 election was Friday, Oct. 28. Letters submitted in time for the deadline will be published in the week leading up to the election.