LETTER: A vote for Arora is about voting for what is honorable and good

Submitted by Julia Chiappetta

Vote for Harry Arora – Our Outstanding State Representative, Currently Serving the 151 st District, Harry has and will always roll up his sleeves to help anyone in need, going well beyond his own district or party lines. He is a doer and problem solver by nature, a brilliant financial mind with a flair for thinking outside the box and forecasting quickly to achieve positive outcomes.

Harry is currently serving the 151 st District, but has essentially served all of Greenwich. It would be difficult to challenge or find fault in his exceptional work and accomplishments for the people of our town. He is our friend, our colleague and mentor to many. This rang true when March went into April and we were all challenged by the sudden changes to our daily lives. Harry stood firm guiding us through the rough waters locally and as our strong voice in Hartford.

Harry was laser focused on keeping the lines of communication open by way of his Virtual Community Conversations. As each month passed, he stood closely with us and more so than any other local representative or senator that I witnessed. He was available 24/7 by email, phone and Zoom, helping us through the PPP & PUA filings and even searching out local banks to help small businesses when their big banks let them down. He petitioned on our behalf for safe school openings and was the at the first
to support the Let Them Play football initiative.

Several residents who had given up hope for help from within their own districts, heard about Harry and he soon became a hero with a cult following. While others remained behind closed doors, Harry was on the front lines for Greenwich. He was a voice of calm and reason, producing results.

I will be forever touched by his caring commitment to our senior population; the precious gems, many of whom built the foundation of what we now know as our beloved Town of Greenwich. Harry worked tirelessly to secure safety, testing and protection for our seniors in nursing homes and in private homes.

This election is not about party or about popularity, it is about voting for what is honorable and good. Harry Arora is honorable and good. HE IS OUR GUY! A strong leader, generous friend and wonderful family man. He will always be available to hear our stories, concerns and ideas. Harry is the man for the 151 st District.