KREUZER: Why I am Running for BET

Letter to the editor from Miriam Kreuzer
Candidate for Board of Estimate and Taxation

My name is Miriam Kreuzer and I am a candidate for the Board of Estimate and Taxation. Since moving to Town nine years ago, I have been
involved in a number of volunteer roles – various leadership positions in my daughter’s schools, and at Family Centers. In 2018, I became a member
of the RTM in District 7, where I am a delegate to the Legislative and Rules Committee. I am also the RTM liaison to the Retirement Board. While
I’ve enjoyed my volunteer roles, I believe I can offer more to the Town where my husband and I have chosen to raise our Family and pay taxes for
decades to come. Here is how I hope to add value:

I have a solid professional background. As the Co-Head of Global Macro Hedge Fund Research in the Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Strategies
Group, it was my job to apply the results of rigorous financial research to analyze complex hedge fund performance and risk and ensure sound
investments for our clients. I look forward to applying that same rigor to the management of our Town budget and the investment of our taxpayer

I have skin in the game. My young children and family are on our fields weekly. We ice skate at Dorothy Hamill. We walk as a family into Town to
shop or dine. It is easy to dismiss a service if you have never used it. I have an ear to the ground on the services young families’ value, particularly
from our educational institutions and I know that balancing these services with our Town finances is of the highest priority.

I am a pragmatist. I was an unaffiliated voter for most of my adult life until I recently registered as a Democrat. I believe no political party has a monopoly on good ideas; however, I do believe political dogma is dangerous. The BET Democrats have demonstrated their pragmatism throughout their last two years of leadership under Chair Jill Oberlander.

They have kept taxes low (1.5% average), while fortifying financial oversight of Town Departments and creating greater financial flexibility to meet challenges ahead.

This is why I am proud to run alongside incumbents Beth Krumeich, Leslie Moriarty, Jeff Ramer, and David Weisbrod and new BET candidate Laura Erickson.

As a collective six, we offer real solutions and strategic leadership within a fiscally responsible framework.

Greenwich residents expect a certain level of services for a Town of our caliber. They also rightly insist we maintain our comparatively low taxes. Optimizing that critical balance is how we keep residents here and attract a new generation of taxpayers. As a dedicated volunteer, as a financial
professional, as a parent, and as a pragmatist, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and find that balance for the taxpayers of Greenwich. Please vote
BET Democrats on November 5.

Miriam Kreuzer
Candidate for Board of Estimate and Taxation