Kaliko: What Happens in Bridgeport Matters in Greenwich

The following letter was submitted from Joe Kaliko on Aug. 3

Bill Finch is running for re-election as Bridgeport’s Mayor.

He’s up against a tough crowd led by former Mayor/Convict Joe Ganim: see www.thetruthaboutjoeganim.com

Bill has worked hard to bring Bridgeport back.  Community re-development, job opportunities, re-opening Pleasure Beach and new parks, investment in the SteelPointe Harbor project, taking a lead role in developing affordable housing, green energy and so much more!

We need Bill Finch to continue this progress.

What Happens in Bridgeport Matters in Greenwich!

A safer and investment friendly Bridgeport positively affects us all throughout the state.

Bridgeport has some great restaurants, parks, the Beardsley zoo and of course the Bluefish!  Mayor Finch as the leader has an unimpeachable character!

Attracting investment to this wonderful city, creating jobs and giving people a sense of purpose and community; that’s what Mayor Finch is all about!

The alternative is a return to bosses and petty politics in an environment where corruption pays.  We can’t let that happen to Bridgeport again!

Living in Greenwich we can’t vote in the Bridgeport primary or general election, but we can vote with our dollar!

Please contact me to help as a “Friend of Finch”; or visit the website (www.billfinchformayor.com) and the donate page (www.billfinchformayor.com/donate).

The maximum donation allowed by law is $1,000 per person; but every single dollar counts!

Thank you so much for your support!!

Joe Kaliko
Proud to be a Friend of Finch