Kaliko: I Am a Democrat for Fred Camillo

Letter to the editor from Joe Kaliko

My name is Joe Kaliko.  I am a registered Democrat living here in Greenwich.

Despite my party affiliation, when the right person comes along for a leadership position in our community, I respectfully suggest we should put political labels aside!

Fred Camillo has demonstrated his ability to lead our community. He is a life long Greenwich resident and for years served as an elected State Representative.

Party didn’t matter when I, a Democrat and President of the Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol, approached Fred soliciting his help in getting a State Law drafted and passed to indemnify community volunteers.  Volunteers like the fire police and ambulance personnel.

Fred wrote the bill and worked tirelessly to get the it passed.  Then Democrat Governor Dan Malloy signed Fred’s Bill into law.

Fred just has an impressive way of working with people, no matter their label, be it Democrat, Republican or Independent.

He always gets the job done for Greenwich, be it the much needed multimillion dollar renovation of the Nathaniel Witherell Long Term care facility, voting for investments in technology to bring jobs to the state; and not to be minimized, his love and concern for voiceless animals whom he sought to protect.

As for local politics, what a wonderful “connection” we would have with all the contacts and friends Fred has established in Hartford over the years.

He has demonstrated his ability (actually “a talent”), for bringing money “back home” to Greenwich.

What a once in a lifetime opportunity for our town to  benefit from Fred’s desire to serve Greenwich further as its leader and successor to Peter Tesei.

Fact is, Fred has the business experience (he served as Ranking Member of the Generally Assembly’s prestigious Commerce Committee); temperament and seasoned good judgement, to lead Greenwich.

That’s why I urge everyone, of whatever political persuasion, to vote Fred 4-1st!!!

Joe Kaliko,
A Democrat For Fred!