Indivisible Greenwich: Disappointed by Fiscal Freedom of CT Partisan Attacks

Statement issued by Indivisible Greenwich submitted by Nerlyn Pierson

Correction of misstatement by Fiscal Freedom of CT:

In its letter to the editor of May 12, “Fiscal Freedom of CT,” asserts that “Of course, Indivisible, March On and the Democrats are opposed to this recommendation and believe that the rainy day fund should be used for increased spending.”

But Indivisible Greenwich has not considered, much less taken a position on, whatever “recommendation” the group is referring too.

It is concerning and disappointing that this group has so little regard for the facts that it has literally made something up. It is similarly unfortunate that rather than have a discussion on the merits, divisibly partisan attacks substitute for a reasonable discussion of the merits. This is a time when it is most important for people to come together and have a civil dialogue.

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