Greenwich Pride Statement on Sept 13 Fundraiser for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Statement from Greenwich Pride, co-leaders Karsten Vagner and Allison Kahn

The following statement from Greenwich Pride is in response to the announcement from the Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC) chair Beth MacGillavray that former State Senator Scott Frantz and his wife Icy are hosting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for a private fundraiser at their home on September 13, 2023. 

Governor DeSantis’ culture war politics are harmful and have no place in Greenwich or the State of Connecticut.

Welcoming DeSantis into our town is indicative of the extreme takeover of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC), which is building a platform that does not reflect the values of the people of Greenwich, including most Republicans. The RTC has in recent days peddled homophobia, antisemitism and intolerance in Greenwich.

Governor DeSantis recently signed laws purporting that slavery helped Black people and that school children, teachers and staff cannot talk about their loved ones who are LGBTQ+ or learn about LGBTQ+ people. His administration, which has endorsed educational setbacks, such as book banning and curriculum censoring, and underwriting military force against migrant families, has been disavowed by major human rights and civil liberties organizations. Multiple medical professional organizations have anticipated that Mr. Desantis’ laws and policies will create worsened health and wellbeing for marginalized community members.

Greenwich is a diverse town with deep roots in American history. We aim to represent the best of this country and believe in fairness and equality. DeSantis’ policies are bad for Florida, bad for the nation, and his presence is bad for the town Greenwich aspires to be.

We firmly reject those who gain financially or politically from dividing people against each other. Employing such tactics indicate that you’ve already failed the most important test of all, that of being a decent human being. What’s more, engaging government power to attack individuals and even big business is not a republican value; it is the fodder of a fascist and their enablers and flies in the face of the United States Constitution and the spirit of America (not to mention has negative economic impacts).

Enough with these dangerous politics.

Election Day is approaching. We urge our friends and neighbors to distance themselves from this extremism and vote for the party that fights for – not against – all Greenwich residents.

In Community,
Greenwich Pride