Greenwich Father of Three: Lopez Deserves Our Respect and Our Vote

Letter to the editor submitted Friday, Oct. 30, from Alexander G. Weindling

To The Editor:

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Anthony Lopez for Greenwich Board of Education. We live in a world whose economy is transitioning at an ever increasing pace and the competition and associated pressure on children is escalating at a similar breakneck clip. The bookends that define necessary knowledge seem to be endlessly expanding and the skills needed to prepare students for the road ahead ever more complex. The Board of Education has done an admirable job navigating the new while balancing old, by managing projects as diverse as building a performing arts center and introducing chrome books.

Absent from the Board is any member who has current, daily first hand understanding of the school lives of the children experiencing this change. As you read these words, Anthony is likely at his ‘day job’ here in our schools. Anthony’s years in education cover K-12 as a Dean, teacher, coach, and special education professional and include positions at Central Middle School and Greenwich High School. His intimate knowledge of the student experience includes the emotional, spiritual, athletic and academic currents of their lives. His sensitivity to how the actions or inactions of our Board of Education would impact the students uniquely qualifies him to serve.

Anthony’s youth, young family ages 5-12, and his ‘day job’ make him a must-elect candidate for our Board of Education. A testament to Anthony’s commitment to our community and children is the fact that if elected he will need to resign that very day job. That’s a sacrifice no other candidate has to bear. It deserves our respect and our vote.

Alexander G. Weindling
Old Greenwich