GHS Parent: Too Early to Give Up On Later Start Times

Open Letter to the editor from Susan Capparelle, GHS parent, submitted March 21, 2018

Dear Board of Education, Dr. Winters and Superintendent Dr. Gildea,

What does this mean?$file/032218%

20SST%20Impact%20w%20CS.pWhy would a survey this detailed have been conducted a mere few months after a new system i.e. Later School Start Times was put into place?

You’re not going to get an accurate picture after a couple of months.

It seems more likely that this is a very underhanded tactic to try and reverse later school start times.

I can tell you as the parent of a student at GHS, and one of thousands who signed the petition for later school start times and worked hard to see that change made, any attempt at reversing it will be met with strong opposition.

People who are concerned about this should attend the Board of Education meeting Thursday, March 22 at 7:00 PM at Eastern middle school and voice their opinion.


Susan Capparelle