FIORELLO: Response to Goldrick letter

Letter to the editor from Kim Fiorello

Response to Goldrick letter (GOLDRICK: Does Camillo Care? Oct 23, 2019)

The alliteration in “Camillo Cares” is upbeat and catchy!  But, it has triggered Sean Goldrick, who penned a screed that could be called “Goldrick Gurgles.”

Sean’s attack on Fred Camillo is beyond the pale and so over the top, a reasonable thing to do would be to totally ignore it.  But, I think it is also reasonable to publicly disagree and call out this vile personal attack against a fellow Greenwich resident who has stepped up to run for First Selectman to serve all of us who live here and has engaged in a positive, compassionate, issues-based campaign.

There is a depravity in Sean’s thinking and that is identity politics.  Sean sees us, his neighbors, in group collectives, based on our race, religion, income, or sexuality, pitted against each other as victims or oppressors in a zero-sum power struggle.  (I’m offended Sean neglected to opine about my racial and ethnic group — Asian-Americans.)  In Sean’s social construct, there is no individual human dignity; your meaning and your worth come from your group.

By contrast, Fred’s voting record in Hartford shows a public servant who stands up for the principle that it is a self-evident truth that all humans are created equal with unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.   From his experiences as a local business owner, a teacher, a coach, and a community volunteer, Fred knows what it takes for human flourishing — social trust that there is rule of law, freedom for individuals to make choices for themselves, and a self-restrained government to not over-regulate and not over-spend.  I greatly appreciate Fred’s overall voting record.

Sean also takes umbrage at Fred’s retweet of the Betsy Ross flag  Here’s my shout out to the audacious Betsy Ross, who was a widow, a single mother, a business owner, and a talented flagmaker — Your flag flies proudly on my home!

I think Fred Camillo lives the commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  He is nobody’s fool.  Still, he is kind and decent and considerate of each person living, working, and aging here in Greenwich, as he comes into contact with us from day to day.  Camillo has the experience and upholds the principles to lead Greenwich going forward.

Please join me in rebuking Sean Goldrick’s tirade by “liking” this response and by voting for Fred Camillo for First Selectmen and his running mate, Lauren Rabin, for Selectman on November 5th.

Kimberly Fiorello, Greenwich

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor regarding candidates in the Nov 5 municipal election is Tuesday Oct 29 at 5pm.