DRAKE: Oberlander has yet to create committee to investigate matter of public integrity

Open letter to BET chair Democrat Jill Oberlander submitted by Bill Drake, Republican member of the BET

Dear Chair Oberlander,

Two weeks ago, the Board of Estimate and Taxation voted to instruct you to form a committee of BET members to investigate a matter of public integrity affecting the Board.  This item was properly considered and approved by the Board back on September 23.  It has bi-partisan support of a majority of the Board.  The committee is to examine the recent violations of election law by members of the Board, including Beth Krumeich, Leslie Moriarty, Jeff Ramer, David Weisbrod, and yourself.  The committee is to report back to the full Board of Estimate at its next meeting on October 24.  Two weeks have now passed, and you have not taken any steps to create the committee.

Most of the facts about the violations of law have been established by Connecticut’s State Elections Enforcement Commission.  In five separate consent orders, members Krumeich, Moriarty, Ramer, Weisbrod, and yourself admitted to violations of election law.  These consent orders by the Commission in Hartford are a sound basis for the BET to take action for public integrity here in our Town.   The public deserves to be informed of these matters, and the Board has the responsibility to maintain high standards of conduct.  Every member of the Board owes the Town a duty of transparency and compliance with law.

Do you plan to defy the action your Board took on Sept. 23?   Is this how you understand your duties as Chair?  To date, you have failed to carry out the decisions of the majority.  Is this what the voters should expect if you are elected to our Board of Selectmen?

Bill Drake
Member, Board of Estimate and Taxation