District 2 RTC Group Letter: The Greenwich RTC Needs a Refresh

Submitted by Jill Kelly, Joe Kelly, Jill Barile, Nick Barile, Scott Diddel

Dear District 2 Republicans,

The upcoming primaries on March 5th are crucial. They are open to all registered Republicans in Greenwich, offering a chance for every voice to be heard, not just the most active or vocal members. And if you used to be a registered Republican and switched to become an Unaffiliated voter, I invite you now to switch back and come and participate in this primary. You have until March 4. We want to ensure that our party reflects the diversity of opinions and perspectives that make up our community.

From left to right: Joe Kelly, Fred Camillo, Scott Diddel, Jill Kelly, Nick Barile, Jill Barile

We are loyal conservative Republicans running to represent all Republicans in our harbor area, District 2. The primary on Tuesday, March 5th will be from 6am-8pm at Town Hall, our usual voting location. All voters must be Republican.

We are your neighbors and friends, we are community volunteers and working parents, and we only want what is best for Greenwich. As a group of good Republicans, we are striving to get back the heart and soul of the Greenwich RTC (Republican Town Committee).

Our efforts are fully supported by First Selectman Fred Camillo, Selectwoman Lauren Rabin, just to name a couple of our Republican leaders.

Our goal is for a cohesive collaborative Greenwich Republican Party that wins by nominating principled electable candidates and is an inspiration to all. Our goal is to elect new leadership for the RTC that is inclusive and represents all Republicans. Our group wants people who will work together and collaborate in a civilized respectful manner, and know how to get things done.

We are a community of vast intellectual resources and talents. Most of us want to have peace and positivity in our amazing town and to have leaders who are reasonable and level headed. We don’t want government intruding in our daily lives or pushing an unfounded national agenda in Greenwich. Liberal agendas are not supported by the majority of our residents.

In 2022, the Republican Town Committee came under new leadership. While there were some positive initiatives undertaken, there were also issues that arose with respect to strategies and messaging. Unfortunately, in the 2022 elections, the Republicans lost their remaining two State House seats, a first in 160 years in Greenwich. In the recent municipal election, longtime stalwart Fred Camillo won a resounding reelection with 60% of the vote. However, the winning vote for Republican BET was reduced to a mere 51%.

The RTC’s job is to nominate local candidates for public office and then make sure they win. The RTC must represent all Republicans in Greenwich and encourage their involvement, wage campaigns that will attract all Republicans and most unaffiliated voters, and when we win the RTC should support and encourage our Republican elected officials in the hard decisions that they make as they govern.

Republicans need to get Greenwich right and get our Republican candidates elected. We need Republicans in the State House of Representatives in Hartford, alongside our State Senator Ryan Fazio, to communicate the interests and needs of Greenwich and fight hard against things like 8-30g which may change our town forever.

Believe us when we say, the Greenwich RTC needs a refresh if we have any hopes of winning elections in the future. Our group’s focus will be to institute new, inclusive leadership to win elections.

Please join us in making the Greenwich Republican Town Committee RIGHT.

In District 2, please vote for these five candidates: Jill Kelly, Joe Kelly, Jill Barile, Nick Barile, Scott Diddel

For more details on the candidates, go to our website: https://www.united-rtc.org/district-2

Thank you for your support.

Editor’s note: BET Chairman Harry Fisher’s name was removed from a sentence saying he fully supported the candidates’ efforts.

Map of district 2