DIETRICH: Thanks to Republican Led BET, Our Roads are in Tip-Top Shape

Submitted by Irene Dietrich

Driving through Greenwich the other day, having just come from a drive in Stamford, I thought to myself how our town roads are so well maintained and, for the most part, free of potholes – and how quickly potholes are filled when they are reported to the town!

I then thought how lucky we are to be living in a town that cares so much about our street infrastructure and how the Republican led Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) has made sure that there are sufficient monies for our roads to be in tip top shape.

I am glad that these Republican volunteers are making sure that our town has the proper budgetary resources to make sure that our roads continue to be the best in our state.

Having driven in New York and other parts of Connecticut the same can’t be said for other towns and cities. I, for one, would like to thank Republicans on the BET for their service and for using our taxpayer dollars wisely. We could use more like you in our town government!