Defending LGBTQ+ Book is Not Imposing an Agenda or Ideology

Submitted by Monica Prihoda, Old Greenwich

To The Editor:

Alison Kahn beat me to it: thank you for your courage, honesty and integrity in writing your letter, and to the Greenwich Free Press for printing it and the Greenwich Time Editorial on Friday.

(Disappointment at Characterization of Award-Winning LGBTQ+ Book as “Disgusting” Aug 4, 2022)

This letter is the most intelligent, well-thought out, dignified and non-offensive expression I have ever heard or read on the “subject” of queer gender and being gay – as opposed to the derogatory, offensive comment made by our First Selectperson: “disgusting.”

I  was further disappointed to hear Mr. Camillo uphold this opinion on the radio citing the need to “protect our children.” 

As a mother, I believe this too.  But if you think forbidding this book from a public institution will prevent older youth and teenagers from knowing what is in it, think again and you better be sitting next to your kids 24/7 when they’re on their devices and with their friends.  Perhaps if we burn books the realities do not exist?  If you choose not to read a book – don’t – and forbid your kids to read it too.  Good luck with that!

Kudos to The Greenwich Public Library for choosing to include this book on its shelves.  I have my own copy of “Gender Queer” because I seek to understand others who may be different from myself. 

Shame on the sanctimonious, self-righteous extremists who aim to shut up, shut down, stifle and censor anyone who is different while waving the “Freedom of Speech” banner when they spread hateful misinformation.

Let’s face it:  we are all different from each other unless you are a clone:  we are black, white, brown, male, female, queer, gay, tall, short…. 

Most faiths teach compassion, understanding and acceptance.  Where is it in your practice?
As Lady Gaga sings:  “God makes no mistakes.”

Monica Prihoda, former RTM member District 6 Old Greenwich

Monica Prihoda, former RTM member District 6, Old Greenwich