Dadakis: Having Tolls Doesn’t Mean There Won’t Also Be Bonding

Letter to the editor submitted by Ed Dadakis

The letter written by Mike Warner in support of Governor Lamont’s plan to make Connecticut the most tolled state in the nation was terribly misleading.

Mr. Warner blames Republicans for toll opposition.  If true I will gladly take the blame. But that would be terribly unfair to the thousands of Democrats and unaffiliated voters who also oppose tolls.  In fact, opposition to tolls is one of the most bipartisan issues I have seen in a long time.

Even Democrat Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff has not endorsed Lamont’s toll plan.

Mr. Warner indicates that either you must have tolls or bonding to rebuild Connecticut’s infrastructure.  False. Currently Connecticut has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, which is supposed to be dedicated to roads and highways. Also a portion of the sales tax on autos is supposed to be dedicated to this endeavor.

If that is the case, you must wonder why that hasn’t  been happening.  Over many years Democrats have raided the Special Transportation Fund for other purposes.

Even now Governor Lamont is proposing to take $1 billion from the fund.  Had Democrats not misspent this money our highway and bridge infrastructure would be in much better shape.

Mr. Warner also implies that if you have tolling you won’t have bonding.  He seems to miss the statement by many Democrats that they will use the annual toll revenue to bond in multiples of that amount.  Be assured, just as the sun comes up in the East, Democrats will borrow no matter how much they tax.

I admire Mr. Warner’s blind faith that government will spend the toll money responsibly. Unfortunately I don’t see it the same way.  Regrettably Connecticut legislative leaders have not spent the gas tax or auto sales tax money responsibility.

Until the state proves it can spend our money as wisely as the taxpayers spend their own money, there should be no tolls or any increase in taxes.

Edward Dadakis

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