Crumbine: Likeability is Only Part of Camillo’s Story

Letter to the editor from former Greenwich Selectman Peter Crumbine

To say that Fred Camillo is likeable is an understatement.  A lifetime resident, everyone in Greenwich seems to know and like him.  When I was campaigning for Selectman, I would simply stand next to him, and people would come up to say hello.

But likeability is only part of the story.  Fred earned a BA (Summa Cum Laude) and an MA in Education, both from Manhattanville College.  After college, he was a small business owner, high school teacher, baseball coach, and mortgage broker.

As a volunteer, he was on the RTM, Chairman of the Parks & Recreation Board, Chairman of the Republican Town Committee, as well as many other boards and committees. In addition to all of this, he has volunteered in local athletics for 35 years.

Fred is now serving his sixth term as State Representative from the 151st District.  During his time in Hartford, he wrote, introduced, and gained passage of many laws, including those related to Good Samaritans, Distracted Driving, Consumer Protection, Animal Welfare, Recycling and many others.

He knows this town well and knows where government works for the people and where it does not.  If elected, Fred would be the first person ever to serve on the RTM, in the state legislature, and as First Selectman.

His only failing is that he is a Yankees fan.  But nobody is perfect, and this Mets fan forgives him.  And whatever baseball team you like, please join me in supporting and voting for Fred Camillo as First Selectman.

Peter Crumbine
Former Selectman
Town of Greenwich