Cos Cob Neighbor: Flagmen AWOL During first weeks of GRS Construction

Photo courtesy of John Timm

Photo courtesy of John Timm

In the article “Greenwich Reform Synagogue Responds to Renewed Safety Concerns Following Toppling of Chain Link Fence” there is this statement by Greenwich Reform Synagogue.

“The GRS construction team was concerned that the construction fencing was damaged by unknown persons/causes and blocked the sidewalk.

If  they were to check the actual weather for Thursday they would have found  “Wind speed, 8mph; Max wind speed 18 mph; Max wind gust 30 mph”.

The wind gusts experienced that night certainly would have blown over a 92 foot long 8 foot high fabric covered chain link fence.  The calculated force on the fence with a wind speed of 18 mph was over 8,900 lbs and at a wind gust of 30 mph the force was over 24,000 lbs.  My neighbor and I experienced lawn furniture being blown over that night.

The fence was installed with weighting bags only on the eastern side of the fence, the direction the fence fell over, and none on the western side of the fence. See attached photos.

Photo courtesy of John Timm

Photo courtesy of John Timm

So it was not the speculation “damaged by unknown persons” but the wind force on the fence.

Luckily the tree stopped the fence from going into the street causing a motor vehicle accident and injuries.

Another statement “The fencing has been reinforced to ensure that it’s not likely to happen again. GRS has taken additional steps to ensure that a flagman will always be present during deliveries, including the 45-minute period before/after school, and apologizes for any confusion during the first days of construction.”

During the first days of construction, actually the construction has been going on for well over three weeks when they started removing the trees and then demolishing the buildings.  During this three week period there were no flagman present.

By not having a flagman present Greenwich Reform Synagogue violated the settlement of their RLUIPA lawsuit against the Town of Greenwich,

John Timm
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Photo courtesy of John Timm

Photo courtesy of John Timm

  • Tim O’Brien

    Ultimately, this synagogue is going to raise the property values–big time–in this area of Greenwich. That’s what happens when values and concerned people are attracted to a church, a synagogue, a community and want to raise their families there.

    The families around this synagogue are going to see their net worth zoom as this area becomes even more desirable.

    Cut these folks some slack. It’s hard building a new building.

    Attend their services and celebrate Chanukah with these new neighbors. In the end, you are going to be happy you have these nice Jewish people as your neighbors and not some deli, three family townhouse, half-way house or home business establishment.

    Cos Cob will be better with this synagogue and all of our property values will be better off too.

    Rejoice and be happy!

    The stronger our religious institutions are in town, the better we are all off in the end.

    People who would have moved to Westport will now give Greenwich a serious look.