Celebrate Earth Day: Consume a Little Bit Less

cos cob park 10Yes, it is time to celebrate. Spring is finally here giving us an opportunity go outdoors and breath fresh air and soak up sunshine.

This also causes us to consider air pollution levels from excess carbon. Oh, my carbon footprint.

Excess engine idling and over-use of electricity along with anything you do that uses fossil fuels contributes to your carbon footprint. Just because gasoline is cheaper right now doesn’t mean you have to drive more. Take advantage of the weather – ride a bike or park and walk.

And remember to use sunscreen because damage to the Ozone Layer caused by our over-use of fossil fuels has caused a malfunction letting ultraviolet rays from the sun pass through the ozone into our atmosphere. UV radiation will damage our skin, hair, eyes and cause other health issues.

So, yes, we are ready to celebrate. Go outdoors and enjoy the gifts of nature. But please remember to use what you need while not over-using. Help minimize damage to our planet by cutting back just once a week all year long.

Joanne Clark
Old Greenwich