Blankley: Frantz’s Reluctance to Denounce Trump Makes Him Complicit

Letter to the editor submitted by John Blankley, Oct 9, 2016

The latest revelations of Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct confirm yet again his misogyny and predatory attitude towards women. I therefore call once more on Scott Frantz, my opponent for the State Senate, and on all Greenwich’s current elected Republican representatives in Hartford to denounce this unacceptable candidate for the presidency.

Values matter in those whom we elect to public office. Failure to denounce Trump makes members of his party complicit in his views – for silence is consent.

Highly respected Republicans including Mitt Romney, two Bush presidents and Chris Shays have made it clear they do not support Trump. These are men of honor. I call on the present Republican Hartford delegation to follow their example.

John Blankley
Candidate for State Senate