BILL KELLY: Gevanter Will Represent All of Us

Submitted by Bill Kelly, Democratic candidate for Greenwich First Selectman, former BET, BOE and RTM member

Dear Editor:

As the Democratic candidate for First Selectman in the Town of Greenwich I write in support of Alexis Gevanter.  

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to get to know Alexis and appreciate her commitment to this community.  Alexis is personable, intelligent and persuasive.  Alexis has absolutely no interest in partisan politics.

As a mother of two young boys she holds true to traditional values and wants to work for their future and ours.  

As an example of her work ethic she volunteered with “Moms Demand Action” and was responsible for shepherding eights bills on gun control from conception to enactment on a bipartisan basis in our Statehouse in Hartford.

Two years ago our State Representative, Steve Meskers, rolled up his sleeves (albeit wearing crocs) and came to Rocky Point Club, where I served as President to understand where a large corporation wanted to set up a mooring location for four large barges.  It was going to be in front of Tod’s Point, in Rocky Point’s sailing area!  

A coalition of Greenwich residents came together, Democrats and Republicans – affiliation did not matter – and together with Steve we killed this project.

This is the coalition building that Alexis has prided herself on.  Alexis is a business attorney who has already developed a formidable reputation in Hartford.  She will protect our local interests and represent ALL of us.  We want to be proud of our representatives in Hartford.

I strongly urge you to study the candidates backgrounds, experience but most importantly their accomplishments and then please VOTE.  

You can go into your Town Hall anytime up to August 17th, request a ballot and vote.  It takes 5 minutes!  Please vote.  It actually matters who we send to Hartford!  

Bill Kelly