APPELBAUM: Stowe Has First Hand Experience in Governing

Submitted by Debbie Appelbaum, Greenwich Resident, Greenwich Public Schools Board of Education, Member 2013-2017, Secretary 2013-2016

Governing is hard. I know first-hand from my term on the Greenwich Board of Education from 2013-17. It is complex and requires the capability to problem solve, create consensus, look at the bigger picture and strategically attack issues. It is the ability to examine each and every decision individually and requires the ability to represent a broad swath of views and constituent needs. You must hear all points of view, research each decision thoroughly, and then act.

Kathleen Stowe has this important first-hand experience in governing as a member of the Greenwich Board of Education since 2017 and its Vice Chair since 2019. She will hit the ground running in Hartford, and I ask you to join me in electing her to be our 149th district State House Representative.

A proven problem solver and strategic thinker, she tirelessly helped the Board’s Policy Committee draft the “hybrid solution” enabling all families to make the learning choice best for them while fully supporting in-school learning.

She also acted quickly to identify both an Interim and new Superintendent when surprised with the resignation of the district’s prior leader.

A consensus builder who seeks bipartisan solutions, she and the BOE chair worked together to communicate with the community throughout the pandemic and reopening of schools.

With experience in investment banking and running a family business, she has steered the BOE Finance Committee to look at the big picture and responsibly plan to address the many infrastructure needs from ADA accessibility to updating 60 year old school buildings. She looks beyond the district’s needs to the how, with focus on time and cost effectiveness.

When I think of who should take the mantle as our State Rep in the 149th it is Kathleen Stowe. She exhibits the experience and character we should continue to have represent us. Kathleen understands what needs to be accomplished for Greenwich and she is the type of leader we need.

Debbie Appelbaum
Greenwich Resident
GPS Board of Education, Member 2013-2017, Secretary 2013-2016

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