Andrews: For OGS Renovations, Fiscal Year 2025 is Not Good Enough, and Sets the District up for Potential Legal Action.

Submitted by Jennifer Andrews, former Old Greenwich School parent

I wanted to express my surprise and disappointment with Selectman Camillo’s response to constituent criticism and questioning.  

The Old Greenwich School community were called to action to prevent the school’s much needed renovations to be kicked to the curb once again for another Fiscal Year.  I, and other members of our community reposted some relevant and informative articles, and expressed dismay to Mr. Camillo, asking some questions that our entire school community need answers to.  I used social media as an outlet to”

A) reach as many people as I could before the BET meeting held Thursday, Feb 9th, and

B) to garner Mr. Camillo’s attention.

I believe all elected officials should be held accountable and should read and listen to criticisms without becoming defensive.  I was accused by Mr. Camillo of being an “internet troll”.  I can guarantee you THAT I am not.  I am a concerned and frustrated parent, a participating member of our community, and I’m not alone.

We need to and should want – to take pride in our schools.  The fact that the ceiling fell in at North Mianus, CMS has structural issues requiring an entirely new school to built, and Old Greenwich School is non compliant with ADA regulations IS embarrassing, and most importantly dangerous for our children.

Old Greenwich school was given 12-24 months to begin construction to become ADA compliant after a complaint was made to the Office of Civil Rights in 2021.  Nothing has been done, even after signing an agreement to begin said construction within that time frame.  Fiscal Year 2025 is not good enough, and sets the district up for potential legal action.

Mr. Camillo then accused various parties of politicizing the issue. The issue is neither a Democratic or Republican issue, it is a community issue.  Sitting in the BET meeting this afternoon was an eye-opening experience, and anyone that was there can tell you it was very much politicized, with an uncomfortable divide that wasted so much time.

I hope our community continues to rally together, and that Mr. Camillo develops a tougher skin when criticism comes his way.  

Thank you,

Jennifer Andrews, former Old Greenwich School parent