Weekly Greenwich Covid-19 Update: Camillo Schedules Vaccine Appointment, Active Cases Down, One Additional Death

As of Wednesday, March 3, Greenwich had 4,036 total Covid-19 cases, which was +17 from a week earlier.

There were 135 active cases as of Wednesday, which was down 5 from the previous week.

Sadly, there was one additional death from last week for a total of 82.

During First Selectman Fred Camillo’s weekly press briefing with Greenwich Hospital, he said the Town’s rate per 100,000 rate was 30.7, for a decline of .69.

“It’s really going in the right direction there,” he said.

Diane Kelly from Greenwich Hospital said there were 21 Covid-positive patients being care for as of Wednesday, with 4 in the ICU.

Across the 5 hospitals in the Yale New Haven Health System there were 175 patients, versus last week when there were 213.

“System wide we’re coming down,” she said. “We are continuing to have success with our partnerships with the Town of Greenwich and Brunswick School getting our vaccines out. We started with the Town of Greenwich vaccinating teachers and successfully opened the website to teachers to sign up on Monday at midnight.”

“That filled almost immediately,” she said. “When we get more vaccines, we’ll open up more slots. We’re only opening the slots when we have the secured doses allocated to us.”

The Yale New Health System received its first shipment of over 7,000 vaccines of J&J, which requires a single dose.

Those doses are being allocated throughout the system.

Ms Kelly said that on the System’s website, appointment slots will indicate the vaccine type for the entire day.

“When people schedule, they will see what day different doses are going to be delivered. So, you will see a day of J&J vaccination,” she said. “We are getting a lot that question, about what kind of vaccine are we getting.”

Ms Kelly was asked for advice for someone trying to decide which vaccine to to sign up for – J&J, Moderna or Pfizer.

“I’m going to tell you what I’m telling my family,” she said. “Take the first appointment available to you.”

Camillo reflected on the approaching one year anniversary of Covid-19.

“There was a mystery and a lot of fear. We were just preparing for how we would have meetings and how long we would have to shut down,” he recalled. “Now we know the drill, but the fact that the vaccine was developed so quickly, and that we’re starting to see loads of people being vaccinated, and what’s reflected in the trends, it makes you feel good.”

“Plus the warm weather is on the way,” Camillo added. “And the historical perspective on what happened in 1918 and 1919 – it’s a very different feel from last year.”

Camillo, 58, said that on March 1 at midnight, he looked for an appointment for a vaccine.

He said he found Brunswick slots filled up quickly, and was not able to secure one.

However, he said he tried again at 6:30am, taking a chance calling the Stamford Hospital phone number.

He said that after a half hour wait, was able to secure a vaccine appointment for March 18.