Thinking of Getting in Shape in 2017? It’s New Year’s Resolution Time.

January is around the corner and New Year’s resolution time.  Everyone’s #1 resolution seems to be, “I’m going to get in shape this year”.

Chelsea Piers’ CP-AC Senior Director Carolina Quiroga has some suggestions:

1 – Pick a facility with lots of options for working out so you don’t get bored.  Boxing, pilates, yoga, cycle, basketball are all nice to be included in your gym.

2 – Pick a gym with personal trainers with real certifications and knowledge.  You may uncover a health issue and having a knowledgeable group to tap into is critical.

3- Pick a facility with an outdoor component.  When spring fever hits (and your new year’s resolution is getting old to you) it’s nice to have the option to go for a group class run outside or do yoga on a sundeck.

4 – Look for a team. Pick a race to do with a group – gives you goals to hit.  And training with a group for an event is always more fun!

5 – Make sure if you go to a gym it doesn’t set time limits on machines.  A quick way to get deterred at the gym is showing up and having to wait in line for a piece of cardio equipment.  It’s hard enough getting there, make sure once you are there, there is plenty of space for you!  Jan is traditionally a busy month so it’s all that much more critical that month.

6 – Like the facility you pick – the colors, the layout, the vibe from the people.  If you hate the feeling you get walking in, chances are you won’t go back.  Working out has an incredible positive mental effect – find you place to take a break.

7 – Find a facility that is convenient.  Don’t plan to travel 45 minutes for your daily workout – there will be days where even the most committed person can’t find the extra time.

8 – Get into a group – Whether it’s a one on one weekly or bi-weekly trainer, a basketball league, office running group, commit once a week to workout with someone else.  They will hold you accountable.

9 – Don’t judge success on a scale – Muscle weighs more than fat so many people may gain vs. lose as fat vanishes and muscle grows.

10 – Don’t start too fast – The quickest way to end a fitness routine is to start too fast and hurt yourself.  Depending on your fitness starting point, judge how long and hard you should go as you increase your fitness level.


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