Port Chester Deemed Orange Zone; Non-Essential Businesses, Schools Closed

Mayor Richard Filanka said Port Chester has seen the number of Covid-19 cases rise from 10 to 227 active cases as of Tuesday.

In an interview Wednesday on WGCH, the mayor, who lost his brother to Covid-19 early in the pandemic, said he was very concerned at how the Village’s numbers were trending upward.

Main Street in Village of Port Chester. Photo: Leslie Yage

This caused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to designate the Village of Port Chester an “orange zone.” It is the first community in Westchester County to be elevated to this level.

The orange zone requires the Village of Port Chester to abide by the following regulations immediately:

Houses of worship have a maximum capacity of 33%, or 25 people.

Gatherings indoors and outdoors have a maximum of 10 people.

High risk, non essential businesses must close, including gyms, barber shops, hair salons, and nail salons.

Outdoor dining is allowed only with a four person maximum per table.

Schools are closed; students limited to remote learning.

“This Covid-19 is not over. It’s very serious,” Filanka said. “I continue to ask Port Chester residents and visitors to take personal responsibility. Wear face masks, practice social distancing, wash hands and use hand sanitizers. Most importantly, do not attend large gatherings inside or outside. Also get tested, if need be, and stay at home while you wait for your test results.”

Mayor Filanka said he was concerned that if the number of cases continues to increase, that would trigger a complete shut down like last March.

Editor’s note: Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo and Greenwich Hospital President Diane Kelly have scheduled a press conference at 2pm on Wednesday, Nov 18. Watch for our coverage.