Greenwich Weekly Covid-19: Upticks among ages 11-20 and 41-50

During the First Selectman’s and Greenwich Hospital’s weekly Covid-19 press conference, Fred Camillo announced the total number of positive cases in town was 4,331 (up 112 from March 16).

The total active cases ticked up to 131 (+ 26 from March 16).

Total deaths reached 87 (+ one from March 16)

The rate per 100,000 continues to decline. It was 18.3 (down 2.3 from March 16)

Dana Marnane said Greenwich Hospital was treating 10 patients with Covid-19, none in the ICU. Last week there were 12. She said they were seeing a slight uptick at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Marnane said the vaccination effort at Brunswick was going very well.

Asked whether there were issues accommodating requests for appointments since a new age bracket became eligible for vaccination on Friday, she said there were not. In fact she checked the portal during the press conference and determined appointments were available.

Camillo said the town was receiving good feedback on its efforts.

“We’ve been working on the homebound issue and the Health Dept is getting out there to people,” he said.

“We’re also addressing our nursing home to make sure everyone is vaccinated there,” he added, referring to the Nathaniel Witherell, the town owned nursing home where 42 staff are hoping to be vaccinated. As of Monday, just 38% of staff had been vaccinated. “It’s a little more complicated because of shifts and timing, but we’re working hard to get everyone who works there vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

Asked about the uptick of active cases in Greenwich (+ 26 from March 16), Camillo said people were starting to get a false sense of security with the warm weather coming and so much positive news.

“They keep thinking the fact that so many people are getting vaccinated that the risk is lessened, but until we get to the other side of this, with herd immunity, we’re not,” he said. “It’s like rounding third base and tripping on your way home. Why would you get careless at this point? My message to everyone is to keep your guard up and your mask on – and get those appointments.”

Barbara Heins said the Health Dept director Caroline Baisley had reported there were two age groups with increased cases, starting with residents age 11-20.

“Many of those are students involved with sports,” she said.

The other category is people age 41-50.

“With contact tracing they are finding that many of those people are returning from vacations,” Heins said.

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