Greenwich Man Discharged from Greenwich Hospital – 2,500th Recovered Patient Discharged from Yale New Haven Health

Greenwich Hospital employees cheered on Monday as Gabriel Cid, 44, of Greenwich became the 2,500th COVID-19 recovered patient discharged from the Yale New Haven Health System.

Mr. Cid’s wife, children, grandchildren and other family members, who haven’t been able to visit him since he was admitted to the hospital on April 21, were on hand to welcome him.

Nurses, therapists, caregivers and other Greenwich Hospital staff members lined the hallways, filled the lobby and gathered outside the hospital to bid him farewell.

In an emotional exchange, the Greenwich resident thanked the doctors and nurses who helped him recover. “The nurses and doctors are angels,” he said. “I will never forget the support and love they showed me and my family.”

According to Yale New Haven Health, Mr. Cid spent 30 days in the Intensive Care Unit and was connected to a ventilator for 21 days.

Greenwich Hospital said Mr. Cid’s family had not been able to visit with him in person in weeks, which made for a wonderful reunion. He had been able to connect with his family via Zoom and Facetime.

Cid was discharged to a rehabilitation center for physical therapy.

Back on March 11 Greenwich Hospital’s first COVID-19 patient tested positive after being cared for in the hospital Emergency Dept. The patient was from New York, and was discharged to home under the supervision of the patient’s local public health department.

As of Monday, May 18, there were 751 Greenwich residents who have tested positive.

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