Couple Sues Greenwich Hospital for Wrongful Death of Twin Baby Girl in 2015

According to a release from Silver Golub and Teitell, a law firm that specializes in medical malpractice, serious personal injury and complex civil litigation, this month, Lauren Sorgen and her husband, Grant Gulyassy filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both Greenwich Hospital and obstetrician Dr. Marjan Hedayatzadeh.

The suit alleges that the hospital and obstetrician failed to appropriately monitor their baby girl’s heartbeat and failed to promptly deliver Myriam Grace Gulyassy by emergency C-section.

Baby Myriam had a twin brother who was delivered successfully.

According to a CT Dept of Public Health (DPH) investigation into the death, Mrs. Sorgen was 35 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to Greenwich Hospital on June 3, 2015 with signs that her amniotic sac had ruptured. Upon admission, medical staff verified the heartbeats of both babies and confirmed that both babies were moving.  This was consistent with the full examination of the twins conducted the day before – which found them both to be completely healthy.

The statement by attorneys said that a short time after arriving at Greenwich Hospital, the staff documented that they had difficulty hearing heart beat sounds from both twins and could not maintain the fetal heart tracing of both infants on an electronic monitor.

“Despite these difficulties, Greenwich Hospital employees made no effort to obtain an ultrasound of the twins, did not attempt to monitor the infants’ heart rates by any other method and did not initiate an emergency C-section.  Dr. Hedayatzadeh waited more than three hours before the C-section delivery of the twins was performed,” Silver Golub and Teitell said in their release.

Further, the couple’s attorneys said an investigation by the  into the baby’s death revealed violations of state regulations.

The hospital issued a statement saying, “While Greenwich Hospital cannot comment on pending litigation, providing safe, high quality care is our first priority and, as a result, we take this matter very seriously. …Following this incident, Greenwich Hospital instituted additional measures related to high-risk pregnancies.”

“Sadly, we cannot change what happened to Myriam,” said Silver, Golub and Teitell attorney Peter Dreyer. “…This family went to Greenwich Hospital because they believed they would receive exceptional medical care.  As the Connecticut Department of Health investigation revealed, it was far from that.  Every year on June 3, this family will celebrate the joy of the birth of their son and have to relive the deep sadness from the death of their daughter at Greenwich Hospital.”


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