Animal Control Tree at Greenwich Police HQ Features Dogs, Cats…and a Goat, Ferret and Rooster

The animal control officers have decorated a beautiful tree for the holidays and it’s on display in the Greenwich Police Dept lobby.

The idea is to help bring awareness to the animals waiting to be adopted and to celebrate and reflect on the happy tails of those animals who have already been adopted!

What may surprise you is Animal Control has not only placed homeless dogs and cats, but even arranged homes for rabbits, chickens and roosters.

They’ve even made a match for a ferret and a goat.

“Many of the adopted pets have been adopted by town employees, Police Officers, Highway and Parks Dept employees,” said ACO Suzanne Carlin, adding that Police Chief Heavey adopted a cat from Animal Control a few years ago.

Stop by the police headquarters lobby on Bruce Place and check out the tree.

Or check out the animals for adoption on their PetFinder page.

You might find your next best friend. Then call animal control to make an appointment to meet him or her.

The facility is located next door to North Street School at 393 North Street in Greenwich. The number at Greenwich Animal Control is (203) 622-8299

Mikey photographed outside Greenwich Animal Control in 2018.

Mikey photographed outside Greenwich Animal Control in 2018. He has been adopted. Photo: Leslie Yager

Some of the pets adopted have been featured on GFP, including Mikey who we met the same day we met Gladys.

Congrats Mikey on finding a happy home.

Gladys has been at Animal Control since summer 2018 when she was dumped in Bruce Park.

She is still available for adoption.

Adopt Gladys, a mature girl who was found as a stray. Clearly she had been someone’s pet because she is a good girl. She will make good company for someone retired who might like a companion and someone to take walks with. Photo: Leslie Yager

“Gladys is sweet and soulful,” said Carlin said. “She loves to sleep and relax, but she also loves to go on walks,” Carlin said, adding that staff named her Gladys because it sounded like a good name for a mature girl. She has some arthritis, but has medication for that.

“Gladys will make good company for someone retired who might like a companion and someone to take walks with.”

Here is a video of Gladys. She is so sweet and clearly was someone’s pet until they dumped her.


Ruby, photographed in 2014, was adopted from Greenwich Animal Control.


Carly was adopted by a Town firefighter who met her when he was training in the Fire Dept training area behind Animal Control.

Another dog represented on the tree ornaments is “Smoke,” who we featured on GFP in 2016.

Smoke is such a handsome boy. He was found as a stray and has been at Greenwich Animal Control for about two months. Dec. 12, 2016 Credit: Leslie Yager

Smoke photographed in 2016.He has since been adopted. Photo: Leslie Yager

Ornament featuring Smoke on the Animal Control tree at Greenwich Police HQ. Photo: Leslie Yager

Shelby is a seven year old English Pointer available for adoption from Greenwich Animal Control. Photo: Leslie Yager

Another dog available for adoption is Shelby, and English Pointer.

Shelby is an English pointer who is about 7 years old. She is a very sweet and friendly girl! Just look at that smile!

Shelby is a dog who is always on the go, in true pointer style. She is high energy and wants to explore everything on her walks.

Her video shows her in action. Shelby is a smart, spunky girl who responds well to commands and direction. She will do best with owners who are experienced with bird dogs! Please note that Shelby has special needs: she has low kidney function. She can continue to lead a normal, happy and healthy life, but she must eat a low-protein diet and have regular vet visits to check her kidney values. Shelby says that she has no idea about this, because she is happy and feels well, Please call or stop by to meet her.