Jim Cameron

JIM CAMERON has lived in Darien for over 25 years. He serves on the Darien RTM and is Program Director of Darien TV79. He served 19 years on the CT Metro-North Rail Commuter Council, four as its Chairman. In 2014 he founded a new advocacy group, The Commuter Action Group which speaks on behalf of Metro-North riders. His newspaper column "Talking Transportation" runs in 25+ weekly newspapers as well as The Greenwich Free Press. Archives can be found at http://talkingtransportation.blogspot.com/

Recent Posts

TALKING TRANSPORTATION: Why is there still no free Wi-Fi on Metro-North?

By Jim Cameron

Airplanes have Wi-Fi. Even Connecticut’s CTfastrak commuter bus system from New Britain to Hartford gives its passengers free Wi-Fi. Commuter railroads across the US offer Wi-Fi, including Boston’s MBTA. Wi-Fi is everywhere… but not on Metro-North. So the Connecticut legislature has just budgeted $23 million to install 5G technology on the railroad’s M8 cars. Continue Reading →

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Talking Transportation: Ride Sharing is Back

By Jim Cameron

How’d you like to save thousands of dollars in commuting costs by car? And at the same time cut the number of vehicles on our highways? The answer: ride sharing. With the sudden surge in gasoline prices there’s renewed interest in car / van pooling, as the folks at CTrides can attest. They’re the state agency tasked with selling the idea of “green rides”, though I think it’s the green in your wallet that most captures commuters’ attention these days, not just saving the environment. Continue Reading →

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