Trash Collectors Descend on Calf Island to Remove All Manner of Debris

From left to right, Alex White, Susanne Wiborg, Renie Schmidt, Lloyd Bankson, Franklin Bloomer, Lucy Guillet, Angela Lovely and Karl Davis. Photo by Paul Barbian.

A group of local citizens spent the morning of June 3 collecting trash that had washed up on Calf Island, which is a unit of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge.

The event was sponsored by Calf Island Conservancy.

Transportation to and from the island was provided by Beacon Point Marine.

The group collected an amazing amount of debris, including three car tires, innumerable plastic bottles, balls (soccer, basketball, tennis, football, even golf), floats, party balloons, large pieces of styrofoam (presumably from docking floats), lengths of rope, metal pieces that could not have floated to the island, and much else.


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  • Alex W. White

    Franklin’s annual leadership is instrumental in keeping this nearly-wild space as beautiful as it is. Great fun to be out there for a few hours. Great crew, too! More volunteers are always welcome.

  • Thanks to all volunteers that help to keep our beaches and parks clean.

  • Peter Alexander

    Since Federal taking thousands of our youth have lost opportunity they had for almost 50 years.
    Trash collection should include those that colluded.